How to find online chess teacher & never be mistaken

Coach, a man who is the source of knowledge, inspiration, motivation. A Coach is someone who leads you into the big world.  Even though computers and electronics entered our life and now play a great role in it, a job of a teacher, a human teacher never can be transformed. Because no matter how smart computer can be we always keen on human relationship who has emotions, feelings, ability to inspire you and motivate simply by smiling when you won and showing sympathy when you lost.

A few people can deny this fact but chess instructor is the essential part of someone’s achievements. How can you forget someone who taught you how to play, how to win and what to do when you failed. Who was next to you when you fell down and when you raised through the stairs of achievements.

Choosing a coach, no matter in which sphere you work, and if you have serious plans, probably is the hardest decisions ever. Because here you have no right to be mistaken otherwise you will lose one priceless thing on the earth, your time and of course money which is also important. So while choosing someone with whom you are going to continue your way, take into consideration some things which will never let you be mistaken. 

Here I want to mark some points for you, which I hope will help you to find online chess teacher.

1.  Decide what kind of coach can realize your goals

If you decided to become a chess master, you probably have developed some plans and ideas in your head what you are going to do, what level do you want to achieve and so on. For example, if you want to improve your openings, never hire someone who mentioned that is strong developing endgames and middle games.This is the part where you should be very cautious.

Decide what kind of Coach can realize your goals

While finding your chess coach online you must remember - 1st understand what you want, then find an instructor who can realize your goals. 

Now you have a question. How can  I know what instructor can realize my goals.?

I will answer my dear chessman, 

  • Open Google, 
  • Type the letters W O O C H E S S. 
  • Find the section “Find a teacher”
  • Then click in and taadaaam !

Know that you already found your Coach.

Want to know about a teacher, his playing experience, teaching experience, methodology, opening, middlegame, and endgame skills, and read his wish to you?

So many questions without answers? You know why because the answer is one “ Woochess solved all of your searching problems”. Here you can find who you search and can freely examine instructor’s profile till find your motivator.

2. Someone who will find out your weak and strong sides 

The first thing that a good coach should do is finding out your weak and strong sides. Because chess is not a piece of cake and it needs a serious approach. The first task of your teacher should be analyzing your games and understand all your best and weak parts which will serve for his future plans. Why I’m saying both of them because strong sides must be developed day by day and the weak sides must be corrected and improved.

Someone who will find out your weak and strong sides

When you decide to become a chess champion one thing that you shouldn’t forget is practice, and practice all the time. Besides the homework, tactics, games, and everything that your instructor will give you, remember you should be ready to work on yourself every day and self-educate you.

In your way of becoming champion or simply "World Champion" will accompany a website that was created specially by Chess lovers to chess lovers. Woochess is developed for providing you fully chess environment where you will feel yourself at home meantime being in the center of international world class chess.

You will get the opportunity to use the section of “Learn” which was created especially for learners at any level and to any difficulty. 

3.Someone who has a specific plan

The next step of a good online instructor is definitely making a specific plan or strategy on how he is going to continue with your lessons. Without a prepared plan, Teacher can't achieve what he wanted. A chess coach must understand what you want to achieve and then must make a specific plan.

Someone who has a specific plan

By saying that, I don’t mean to have fixed plan and always work with that, no everyone is unique personality thus making a specific plan is based on your personal progress, abilities, and skills. 

So after understanding all of those requirements your Coach will be able to make a plan and start to work and realize the goals. 

4.Someone who analyzes your games 

The most important part in chess is the analyzing of your own games, from which you will learn your mistakes, faults, and the chance of learning on your own mistakes works better than any other teaching method.  Analyzing is not just pointing your wrong moves, but here every steps both wrong and right has its own positional explanation which should be explained. After analyzing your games, your instructor's task is to make a plan or strategy how to fill those gaps in your games, how to develop them, what exercises to do and tactics to solve. 

Someone who analyzes your games

When you want to be in a good shape solve everyday tactics daily puzzles and fill in interesting and funny quizzes you can search on google and try different website to full entertain yourself with daily chess does.

But wait it can be boring sometimes all the time looking fresh and new, unsolved puzzles, what about a website that can fully provide you with all of the mentioned ones, including also video courses by the best players of the chess history which will become a new inspirational source for you. So you don’t need to leave the website in case of searching new tactics. 

5. Someone who shows Individual approach

The next point of my article is something that you really need to consider before choosing a Coach. It doesn’t matter you're having an Online group chess lessons or in person, your Coach must and have to show you an individual approach. That is not to set his own teaching rules but by examining you and your learning style, I mean abilities and skills then work up a teaching method appropriate to style for having an effective and productive result.

Someone who shows Individual approach

While making a serious decision what kind of teacher you want to be careful and watch how your Coach works with you. Because everyone is unique personality and has his own characteristic, so a good Coach should focus on you and find all the best ways to teach you and explain you the hard tasks of Chess.  So keep in mind to pay attention to that small but important enough detail.

6.Solving psychological problems / Creating a coach-student bond

One of the most important tasks of Chess instructor is being able to understand you personally and psychologically. You know what do I mean,  a special bond between you and your teacher is the most important thing. Your instructor must know about your fears and troubles, must know when you are ready and when not. And day by day through small talks, motivational words, inspiring stories can create that special bond which will make the best results.

Creating a coach-student bond

Now online chess teachers would ask me and how can I teach and chat meantime, changing the website and coming back to a chess board. Yes, and it can be really time wasting all that process. But now, what I’m going to tell will change everything. During your online lesson, you have the opportunity of video and audio connection, flexible chessboard and chat. Where you can communicate personally with your instructor. Chat with your teacher whenever you want without leaving chess environment.

If you find all of this marked points, know that you find your online instructor.

Published on : 31 Mar 2018

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