The best games of Anatoly Karpov

The best games of Anatoly Karpov

Anatoly Karpov is the 12th World Chess Champion. He is considered to be the living Chess legend, only nowadays he plays more in show games and his main activity is the Politics.

If you ask Karpov about his playing style, he would say «Style? I have no style», and meantime would add «I simply developed that universal style which dominated with the arrival of Spassky and then Fischer. But all the same, we were different chess players, of course. Both Spassky and Fischer were brilliant at developing and sensing the initiative. In that regard, I was, perhaps, a little inferior, but on the other hand, I stood out by having excellent technique for converting an advantage, positional sense and an ability to maneuver positionally – in that area I was clearly superior to Spassky, and Fischer, and perhaps everyone, except Petrosian». - Anatoly Karpov

«I like 1.e4 very much but my results with 1.d4 are better».-Anatoly Karpov

If Chess is a sport for someone, for the other is an Art, and for the third one is a science, then for Karpo, it is the mix of these three.

 «Chess is everything: art, science, and sport». - Anatoly Karpov

Karpov could put his opponents in a very bad situation. On that occasion Tall once said. «Many of Karpov's intentions become understandable to his opponents only when salvation is no longer possible»․

«When having an edge, Karpov often marked time and still gained the advantage! I don't know anyone else who could do that, it's incredible. I was always impressed and delighted by this skill. When it looked like it was high time to start a decisive attack, Karpov played a3, h3, and his opponent's position collapsed».-Vladimir Kramnik

Anatoliy Karpov left numerous interesting and regularly discussing games, which educated and still educate generations. We present you the best games of Karpov.





The best games of Anatoly Karpov

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