Levon Aronian - Infographic

David Beckham of chess or simply, the national hero of Armenia, Levon Aronian is one of the best players of nowadays chess. He is the fourth highest-rated(2830) player of chess history. The compatriot of Tigran Petrosyan, another great player of the chess history, is a national hero in his hometown. 

CNN about Levon: " When Levon Aronian walks down the street in his native Armenia he's met by cheering crowds; restaurants insist he eats for free; new parents name their babies after him. Aronian isn't an actor, activist, or astronaut. He's a chess player -- the fourth best in the world, to be precise. And in this tiny, ex-Soviet, chess-obsessed country, that means he's also a national hero."  So let's have a look at the life and career path of this golden man.

Levon Aronian-Infographic


Опубликованный в : 22 Jun 2018

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