Yanny or Laurel

The world isn’t divided into blue/black and white/gold anymore, it’s already Yanni and Laurel.

First appeared on Reddit this illusion take the internet by storm. If you remember those gold or blue dress which rocked the whole world, here is the second worldwide debate.

So now choose what you hear Yanny or Laurel” 

Let’s find out Yanny or Laurel and meantime check our knowledge. So, what we need to find out the winners?

First of all, you need to choose which word you hear and choose “Team Yanny” or “Team Laurel”. 

For both team we have special quizzes, each team member should pass the quiz given by us, which have the final score.  

Quiz for Team Yanny  

Quiz for Team Laurel

Share your result on your social media, then screenshot and write it in the comments, not forgetting to mention your team.

We will count all the scores of each team and will announce the winners when the competition will over. 

So Yanny or Laurel?

Let’s Chess with Woochess and make the world more “chessy” place.

Опубликованный в : 17 May 2018

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