4 important Things to Consider When Taking Online Chess Lessons

4 important Things to Consider When Taking Online Chess Lessons

21-st century, the first thing that comes into our minds is “the decade of technology”. Nowadays world is impossible to imagine without smart devices, machinery and electronic. Moreover, Sophia already got the citizenship in Saudi Arabia, the first non-human woman robot in the world. It might be scary but anyway, it is our reality.

The Decade of Technology

Just a moment imagine a face of your child or maybe your face hearing the simple sentence “We don’t have the Wifi / Internet, or you are going to be without a phone”. Imagined? Scared?

Well, these were examples, don’t worry.

On the other hand, now our generation has huge and enormous opportunities to handle devices and electronics in a right way. Today, we are lucky enough to have a magnificent tool that is called “E-learning”. A success of the Internet of all the time.

Online learning or Distance learning gives everyone opportunities

 to save time and money

 to get more individual approach

 to learn while you are at home or anywhere else

“Life is like a game of chess-to win you have to make a move. Knowing which move comes with insight and knowledge and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way. We become each and every piece within the game called Life”. 

1500 years old Indian game is one of the leading international games that is still increasing throughout the world. Playing and learning chess helps to develop critical thinking, strategic planning, problem-solving, of course, develops the mental ability.

And with the growing and developing of online learning, meanwhile, the online chess learning is developing. Year by year the online chess is growing, and the number of websites is enlarging. We know one thing that quality is not in quantity. So when you decide to start online chess learning you should consider 4 important things.

 Proper website  

If you are thinking to learn online the first important thing is to choose which kind of website you want, what kind of functions do you want them to have and what kind of opportunities you will have with them. If you search on Google you will see numerous website offering their services but not all of them provide you the required qualities and the final result.

Mind your steps because you will waste not only your money but, also, the time, that is extremely vital. While choosing a certain website make sure it’s trustworthy one so that you’re giving your personal contacts and information to them. So learning about the website beforehand is much more important and you must choose it very cautiously and picky.

Woochess as a Superhero

Remember this guy? Here he comes again.

Safer, Smarter, Faster

Safer; all your contacts and personal information are in safe and sound place. It’s our policy to value every customer’s rights. Join us and you will make sure that these aren’t only words.

Smarter; in the 21st-century technology is developing day by day and we try to walk along with the time to make you feel better with us.

Faster; you and I know that even 4 years old baby will close the website or app when it will slow down. With us, you will not get irritated because of the website speed. 

While making WooChess we took into consideration every single detail that could be bothering you.

Experienced chess coach

While learning online chess via computer, phone or laptop, it is equally important not to lose human interaction; in this case, the role of the coach is essential. Above all, Chess is really difficult to learn and for that reason, it is very hard to learn it without coach’s help and instruction. 

But besides providing chess coach, a website must provide you fully functional communication tools (video with good quality, functional board, and even chat box) that will facilitate the learning process, making it more comprehensible and dynamic, having the ability to save the time and money. 

The teacher's profile on Woochess

If you think about learning a new subject, game language and anything new, you start to find a good teacher, knowing his/her qualities, experience and success. You’re the one who decides the teacher you want. 

Do you want to know one of the benefits Woochess?

We give you freedom of choice; the teachers are presented their profile, including details such as time zone, rating, price, location, language, years of experience and availability. Moreover, you can use a search feature to filter for factors, find the one who fits all your requirements and start your course.

Teaching material and content

Learning is not effective without regular practice; moreover, in case of chess, it’s impossible to learn something without immediate training. The amount of the content and learning material are extremely important features in any online learning website.

So you should take into account what kind of content the website provides for its students and learners. And do they are comprehensible and helpful while you’re learning?

You know why we differ from any website in online chess industry?

The founder of Woochess, Hrayr Shahbazyan, is an experienced chess player. Who else knows more details about effectively practicing and learning chess if not the chess player himself? 

Teaching material and content in Woochess

In our website, you will find different kind of puzzles, simul séances, tactics and of course, a lot of tests. If these are not enough for you and you want to see a demo version of a game. Don’t worry we solved that question, too. We have a separate section of video courses where you can watch the games of famous chess players.

Chess Environment

When you are a professional chess player and or in your way to becoming it, but you haven’t time to go for private lessons, or you don’t have time to see your friends play a chess with them, it becomes a real difficulty for you. Or if you’re signed in online chess lessons, but you don’t have a functional board, good working communication tools and opportunity to play with your friend, not a computer. Gradually, you lose your interest in playing the game because you don’t have right Chess Environment.

How to find proper website for learning Chess

But I have some good news for you.

In a huge world of online learning, in 2012 was born an upcoming Internet Star “WooChess” and already in 2017 became a fully functional website, one of the internet’s smartest places, where we help empower anyone to learn chess - to a world class standard. Tthe first international online chess university in the world.

What we aim to do is to make a right chess environment for both teachers and learners which make the online lessons easier and more practical close to the reality.

Want to play with your friend? With us, it’s not a problem. Go ahead find him an invite to the game.

Want to have a multifunctional board? It’s not a problem, you have it. Want to see what we have? You’re welcome to our website.

We appreciate each person’s presence on our website. 

Hope this article will help you and lead you to the right decision. If you have any question connected to the website, fill free to ask us, we love when someone writes us.