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Learn and get inspired from the best chess masters in the world, listed in a find a teacher page. Use a filtering option to filter teachers by price, language and rating easily.

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Find a Teacher

In this section, we help students and teachers connect with each other. Chess teachers can register their profile, including details such as timezone, years of experience and availability.
Students can use a search feature to filter for factors such as price, location, language and current WooChess star rating. Teachers and students can show their appreciation for each other by leaving ratings, comments and recommendations on each other’s profiles.
Credit can be given when it’s earned, whilst overseen and moderated by the WooChess staff.

Find a Teacher
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chess Online Lessons

Online Lessons

A virtual classroom solution which is built specifically for chess education, offers engagement and collaboration, video and audio share, virtual chess board, homework and games prepared by chess coach, and much more that makes students to forget that they are not actually in a physical classroom.
Whether you have a physical group meeting at the town hall, or are an online mentor with students in different regions or countries, we can help you to organise, and take some of the weight from your shoulders.
Instead of using lots of different websites and applications, you can keep everything here, from teaching materials, to notes, to granular records on each student. You can see your whole business at a glance, and with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Online Simul

An online simultaneous exhibition (or simultaneous display) is a digital board game exhibition where one player plays multiple games with several players at the same time.
These are commonly known as ‘simul’ exhibitions. At WooChess, we’ve developed a user friendly home for these exciting contests. Grant users with access, and unlimited spectators can enjoy the games. These games are live streamed, with automatic failsafe recordings.

chess Online Simul
chess Video Courses

Video Courses

Once you join WooChess, you’ll have access to a growing number of interactive video courses that have been created by chess masters and top coaches. You can get feedback from experts on every move. We connect students of all levels with expert instructors. Instead of finding out that the best chess brains in the world are unavailable, or fully booked, you can learn from them on-demand.
Learn chess the right way, with tactics, moves and strategies that have been taught from master to student for centuries.